Adults are fond of pointing out to children that ‘patience is a virtue’. They usually utter these words while raising an index finger in the air because they’re not quite ready or willing to do something that their child has asked them to do. It’s as if they think those 4 words will somehow instill the ability to wait in that young mind. My mother must’ve told me to be patient on a few occasions but I know I never learned how to be so.

I had to wait 4 days for my last casting to be done and each day I quietly cursed my casting guy a little more. I imagined him sitting at an imaginary pool somewhere, holding up an icy cold drink and smirking ‘no, your casting’s aren’t done yet, because I’m busy with all this here’. When he called yesterday to tell me they were ready, I dropped what I was doing (preparing for a dinner party for 8 last night), jumped in my car and picked them up. I couldn’t get to them until today though after spending the morning cleaning up the last of the dishes from the party. Here’s the first few items, sawn away from the sprue trees, pickled, filed and brushed to reveal the silver underneath. Patience.  Edit : Something got fecked up with the image I used to have here so instead I’m inserting a pic of my latest wax pieces that I’m once again picking up in a couple days, because…patience is a virtue.



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