Tone Vigeland – A Bazillion Tiny Pieces

Pop these 3 words – contemporary, norwegian and jewellery into your google search bar and 2 words will appear…Tone Vigeland. Born in Oslo in 1938 (she’ll be 80 this year!) she attended the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry where she studied metalwork. You might say she was raised in an artistic family (father and aunt worked with stained glass, fresco painting and drawing, brother trained as a goldsmith before moving into sculpture, grandfather worked in glass painting and fresco and grandfather’s brother was a famous sculptor in Norway). Phew. What amazes me about her work is 1). a bazillion tiny pieces all working together and 2). Her seemingly endless patience at making those tiny parts in the first place. Hell, I give up instantly if I can’t get one of my single stupid links right. I have zero patience Maybe that’s why Vigeland is referred to as the Grande Dame of Scandinavian Jewellery and I am not.

img_AINT SCUMMINS - Tone Vigeland_1988_002_nec_photo_Hans-Joergen_Abel_600x800px

ringstone-vigeland-simple-braceletsBracelet, silver, 1997

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