Libby Ward

The Instagram world is brimming with jewellery makers at all skill levels. Whether your feed features plastic beads strung onto cord or the latest gem encrusted bling dripping from the fingers of some sleek-faced model, you can call yourself a  ‘designer’ or ‘artist’ or ‘curator’ or whatever.  Libby Ward  (Staffodshire University, BA Hons 3D design : Crafts, 2011-14) refers to herself as a contemporary jeweller, designer and maker and I would say, in my uneducated opinion, that her making results in some amazing, otherworldly forms and textures, so unlike everyone else’s attempts (I’m referring to mine here) out there.

She says (without capitalizing her i’s)…‘My design approach is based on experimental methodologies, i have a passion for juxtaposing unusual and an unexpected mix of materials using a myriad of making processes in order to create thought provoking jewellery. By using chemical processes like electroforming, etching and patination i am able to create biological inspired surfaces. This is then combined with natural objects, which have been rehabilitated by materials like silicones, resins and latex. The tactile nature of my work aims to connect people with textures and revaluate how they perceive preciousness through materials’.

And to think I was very near Stoke-on-Trent in October and I didn’t know her studio was there!

Experiments 4 - press formed copper, resin and patinasUntamed_earrings_design_2_lighly_ox_largeGrowth necklace : 2016

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