Hanna Liljenberg – Meditation in Folds

My jewellery becomes a manmade growth to dress the body
The jewellery makerHanna Liljenberg often begins her pieces the same way she used to begin her paintings…using a blank sheet of paper. It’s the lightness and foldability of the paper that allows her to build her colourful,  floral-like pieces. She says ‘I find there is something meditative in cutting and folding hundreds and hundreds of paper pieces, which I then use as building blocks in the construction of my jewellery‘. The paper pieces are more brightly coloured at the front with black at the back because, in her words, these contrasts ‘represent transience‘. Especially in the case of paper jewellery (she creates metal pieces as well), when they’re worn to decorate ‘you will tear down the painting in the case of your vanity‘. So much for preciousness.

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