Agnes Larsson

Sometimes you find only scraps of information about an artist. In the case of Agnes Larsson her “about” page is under construction and I don’t feel like digging so I’ll get right to the point…

WHO : Agnes Larsson. MFA University College of Arts, Crafts and design, Konstfack, Sweden. Numerous awards.

WHAT : horse hair, carbon, iron powder, reindeer skin, calf skin, aluminum

WHY : ‘My work often starts in abstract thoughts about great forces that surround us, thoughts which can be difficult to express in words, such as life, death, heaviness and lightness’.

I’m fascinated by her materials and I love the shattered then reassembled forms. I’m not a huge fan of the horsehair pieces though because they remind me of dead horses somehow. Appropriate though for her 2015 solo exhibition entitled ‘Remains’ – the hair is ‘A remnant, a trace of life. Bleached, almost white. On its own very brittle, together it is strong with movement and vitality‘. I’m a fan of that.





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