Emma Ware

Who : Emma Ware, self taught

What : recycled rubber, silver, leather

Why :‘I realize my outlook on life is if you’re not enjoying it and getting what you need out of it then what’s the point? This informs the core ethos of the brand, I want people to delight in the thrill of self expression through adornment, to be uninhibited wearing my designs, ultimately to feel special and alive! I’m fascinated by why we wear jewellery and decorate ourselves. I love that when someone wears one of my pieces we have a connection’.

Check out her about page to watch a video of her making her pulse necklace, all starting with a simple tire inner tube.

Contra Mohican Earrings
Flow Necklace
Flow Necklace
Increment Necklace
Increment Necklace
Palm Necklace
Palm Necklace
Pulse Necklace
Pulse Necklace

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