Ivan Midžić

My instructors in design school were relentless and sometimes downright cruel, but they managed to teach me an important lesson about design; that if I was going to draw a line on a piece of paper for a client, that it should be a deliberate one, not some half-hearted pencil stroke trailing off into nothing. They reasoned that the force of that line reflected a clarity of vision and that it was clarity that most clients were seeking. Ivan Midžić might have been told the same thing by his academy professors in Zagreb and Ljubljana where he studied sculpture, fine art and design because line itself figures prominently in his work. Sometimes scribbled like a hurried sketch or woven into intricate, repeated forms, there’s nothing tentative about these playful pieces which incidentally have found their way onto fashion catwalks in his native Croatia. He works in steel, aluminum, copper and brass, producing both wearable jewellery and large installations, all based on lines.

ivan_midzic_2 (1)




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