How Thin Can You Go?

An hour or two after I dropped off these wax pieces to Expert Casting in Vancouver I got a message from the caster warning me that several of the pieces might not come through the investment/melt out process. The reasons were that, 1) some of the wax in places was less than .6mm thick and 2) the ones that look like pillows would likely explode in the kiln. He was right of course and now I know how thin I can go with the wax and that when I make more pillows (beads really) that the pinholes I poke into them should be large enough to allow heated gases to escape from the inside during the intense heat used during casting.

I’m LOVING how they all turned out though, despite my mistakes, especially the weird holes in the tubes and the way the beads and some of the petals now look like broken christmas ornaments. Now it’s time to head  into the studio to remove all the sprue nubs and figure out what I’m going to do with all of them. Stay tuned.

pink wax tubes, petals and beads
fresh from casting in argentium silver

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