Daniela Hedman

Swedish jewellery maker Daniela Hedman likes to explore different techniques. And I’m not 100% sure why I’ve chosen to feature her here except for the fact that her work is just so different. I’d love to know what those boots (?) below are made of. I must have a pair 😉

If you’re wanting to check out Daniela’s work on her website don’t bother because you won’t find it there. You’re better off searching her name on the dreaded pinterest (which incidentally has taken over 98% of google image searches, and who’s users don’t always credit the artist). And I apologize for not captioning her pieces here; I seriously couldn’t find much on them.

This is a bit about her rationale from Design Juice though…

‘I have a big interest for the human body and especially for the relationship between body and mind and what impact they have on each other. Working in between crafts and fine arts is a perfect balance for me. I enjoy working with my hands, exploring new materials and techniques. Not entirely sure of the outcome but continuously searching for the right feeling that could be contained within the object itself.’


necklace: beach series 2013 copper cherry wood red birch textile thread
Necklace : Beach series 2013 | copper, cherry wood, red birch, textile, thread

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