Sandcasting 101

I bought a sand casting kit the other day. After fumbling through the supplied instruction sheet, thoughtfully placing the crucible, sand container, propane tank and kitchen tongs in just the right locations around me I turned up the gas and pointed it at the scraps of silver in the crucible. It took forever for the bits to melt down into a single lump and longer still for it to become shiny molten metal.

It was a scary moment placing the tongs around the crucible and eyeballing it’s placement on the rim of the sand container, all the time keeping the blue point of the propane flame on the now slippery metal. But just as I moved my eyes from the metal to the container rim the dumb tongs slipped which meant the silver slid backwards in the crucible and out the air vent at the back, onto the brick. I swore as I watched the splashed silver turn instantly dirty black as it shrank into the patterns you see below. Worse even is the fact that I repeated the whole procedure later that day with the same result; another splattered, wrinkled silver mess. BUT, I’m going to keep trying and I can’t wait to see how a sand cast ring turns out. Stay tuned.


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