Kelvin J. Birk

I’ve admired the work of Kelvin J Birk for a long time and have daydreamed about taking a class or two from him at Cockpit Arts in London some day.  Ohhhhhh, how this guy creates jewellery that’s a million miles away from all the traditional (ugly) junk you find at the mall. I love his irreverent approach and ability to experiment with his materials (precious metals and gemstones) which produce these random and always unique results, or as he puts it…

‘My work consists of valuable metals and gemstones, which are ruthlessly deconstructed and then reconstructed to create dynamic jewellery and objects’.

Boxcast Ring 18k gold, rubies
Boxcast Ring, 18k gold, rubies
Kelvin J Birk c By the author. Read copyright
Freeform ring, silver, red enamel, 2013
‘Precious Fluke’ Ring, 18k gold, peridot, tourmaline, citrine, rhodolite, aquamarine, fire opal, 2015

2 thoughts on “Kelvin J. Birk

  1. Hi, I’m interested in the precsious fluke ring, 18k gold, peridot, tourmaline, citrine, rhodite, aquamarine, fire opal 2015 ring! Please let me know how to order one?


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