Where Are You Yanis Turcarelli?

This post begins with the image below, found on a random page I stumbled onto the other day which then led to my search for the maker of these stunning bracelets, Yanis Turcarelli.

Chrysalis, bracelets, copper 2016 (via alchimiablog.com)

Now, most makers leave a trail to follow across the internet – little crumbs of images, webshops, blogs etc. But this Yanis guy was nowhere to be found. So I wondered…had he suddenly decided jewellery wasn’t his thing anymore? Did he meet a tragic end after graduating from Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence? How could he just vanish like that?

But wait…after some detective work (google search results page 2) I came across a reference to a Yanis Turcarelli’s alter ego…Francesco coda!  Case solved. I recommend watching his sand casting video while there (if you’re into sand casting like me! me!) and maybe following him on instagram here.

Ring, from Alterego collection
Ring, from Alterego collection
Ring, from Alterego collection
Necklace from Jean-Michel Basquiat Tribute
Ring, from Alterego collection

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