Ambroise Degenève

2015, silver, synthetic spinel, niello

Ambroise Degenève…his amazing work says it all. Mon dieu and je l’adore! If you like to keep up with his latest pieces you can follow him on Instagram here.

2015, ring, synthetic spinel, niello
Ring, 2015 : silver, synthetic spinel, niello
silver, synthetic spinel
Ring, 2014 : silver, synthetic spinel
necklace, 2012, recycled paper, silver
Necklace, 2012 : recycled paper, silver
earrings, 2013, iron, gold, crushed silver, avertine
Earrings, 2013 : iron, gold, crushed silver, aventurine
necklace, 2014 - patinated silver, enamel
Necklace, 2014 : patinated silver, enamel
silver synthetic spinel, niello
Ring : silver, synthetic spinel, niello

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