Iliana Tosheva

18k yellow gold, bio resin ring 2015
Ring, 18K gold, bio resin, 2015

Following a long career in English Literature, no doubt brimming with words, Iliana Tosheva’s jewellery whispers minimalism, succinctly and powerfully. Organic, imperfect forms and subtle textures are her talent, in gold, silver and vitreous enamel.

In her own words…”As an artist and creator I dislike staying the same size and what has permanently inspired me over the years has always been a fleeting image of a less traditional shape, texture or colour that will take my breath away on a journey ‘back to nature’ no matter how trivial the cliché might sound! Form, shape and texture wise, my work is mimicking nature at its best!”

Find out more about her work here.

bio resin gold leaf
Brooch, bio resin, gold leaf
Ring, Mare Nostrum, 2017, Black Rhodium, Sterling Silver
Ring, mare nostrum, black rhodium, sterling silver, 2017
Ring, untitled, 2015 Blackened sterling silver, hand carved translucent bio resin
Ring, untitled, blackened sterling silver, hand carved translucent bio resin, 2015
Seed Pod Earrings
Seed Pod Earrings

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