Success at Last

A few weeks ago, in an attempt to bring down my casting costs I decided to try my hand at sand casting. I had a basic understanding of it’s principles (thanks youtube) which are 1) a metal form, 2) a mould pressed into sand and 3) molten metal to fill that mould.

I chose the 2-part aluminum ring-type casting system which also includes a bag of delft clay and a somewhat confusing instruction sheet.


My first 2 attempts following the instruction sheet were unsuccessful, both highlighting the principle that molten metal cools very quickly if your sprue channel is too short and wide or too long and narrow…

Thanks to several sand caster experts I follow on Instagram who kindly shared their knowledge I learned that I needed to ‘use gravity’ which meant modifying the aluminum rings by drilling a hole through the ring sides, like so…

15 mm diametre (minimum) opening drilled into the sides of the 2 rings

Attempt # 3 didn’t go to plan at all though despite the side pouring. Apparently, my mould was too thin this time…

attempt #3 – mould too narrow

And just when I figured I’d give up on sand casting with one last attempt, this happened – a complete fill of a chubbier mould!

attempt #4 – a success!

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