Steffi Götze

Brooch, Untitled, 2016 silver, copper, enamel
Brooch, Untitled, 2016 : silver, copper, enamel

When I was a kid I’d sometimes rummage through my mom’s jewellery box. It held a pretty basic assortment of bits and pieces; tangled thin link chains, assorted costume earrings, a couple of inherited thin gold rings and a string or 2 of artificial pearls, and brooches. I remember the brooches because they were gold-coloured and encrusted in claw-set rhinestones or tiny fake pearls and I thought at the time they were very precious and very beautiful. My mom didn’t have a lot of time for wearing jewellery, but I remember her wearing brooches for some reason, either on the lapel of her winter coat or on a dress for a rare special occasion and it’s that dusty memory and my changed tastes that might explain why, after all these years, I’ve never considered owning a brooch myself.

But those brooches weren’t these brooches…

Brooches, Untitled 2015 silver, copper enamel
Brooches, Untitled, 2015 : silver, copper, enamel

Steffi Götze obtained her Masters Degree for Visual Arts and Design – Enamel Art & Metal at the School of Applied Arts & Design in Sevilla, Spain (2011-13). She says her work ‘is an experimental and personal dialogue with the contrariety of two concepts and their relation to each other. The conscious and the unconscious, the past and the future, the truth and the lie, the go and the stop, the remembrance and the forgetfulness, the inside and the outside, the maker and the observer, you and me. I am interested in the connection of two concepts and the undefined space in between them’.

You can check out Steffi’s website here, and you should because the photography of her lovely pieces is amazing! not to mention the pieces themselves.

Brooch, Untitled, 2016 : silver, copper, enamel
Brooch from ‘Raum’ Series
Brooch from ‘In Between’ Series

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