Patricia Gallucci

Patricia Gallucci has explored many creative pursuits over the years. From an early age she played with clay and fabric ‘My hands filled with clay and oil mixed between plasticine and vinegar dough, salt and tempera‘. As an adult she studied industrial design, clothing design, photography, stoneware pottery, pastry making and porcelain, product design and production management in apparel. All this before studying contemporary jewellery from 2008 to 2012. And just loooook at what she’s made since then…

p.s. I had a difficult time limiting the number of images for this post but if you’d like to see more you can follow her on Instagram here.



Aros “Alcornoque”
Aros earrings
Brooch #1
Brooch #1
patricia gallucci Broken
Porcelain collar
patricia galluci
Collar Ovalo Interiores


serve ring. Silver and industrial waste (cork)
“Serve” ring, silver and industrial waste (cork)
Manga earrings, porcelain and silver
Ring Grace and edu Cork bronze
Ring Grace and edu cork, bronze


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