Junko Mori’s Uncontrollable Beauty

Thank you Hilary Brown, for introducing me to the amazing work of Japanese-born, North Wales-based Junko Mori.

Using mild steel or fine silver Mori creates truly amazing sculptural objects drawing inspiration from nature, particularly her childhood fascination with life forming and multiplying under the microscope. And! she doesn’t start a project with a plan in mind. She designs as she goes!! That in itself just amazes me.

In her words…
‘I am always drawn to the visual impact of an aggregate assembled with many small components and find infinite possibilities of the form multiplied by the vital power beyond the physical space, such as cell division through a microscope.

My work consists of multiples of individually forged steel or other metals, and the subtle difference of each piece results from hand hammering. No piece is individually planned but becomes fully formed within the making and thinking process. Repeating little accidents, like a mutation of cells, the final accumulation of units emerges within this process of evolution.

The uncontrollable beauty is the core of my concept”.

Propogation Project; Small Petal, Bulb, 2012. Forged mild steel wax coated
Propagation Project; Small Petal, Bulb, 2012 (forged mild steel, wax coated)
British Hedgerow Cups, 2017 Fine Silver 999
British Hedgerow Cups, 2017 (fine silver 999)
Plants Exotica Chandelier, 2016. Forged waxed mild steel
Plants Exotica Chandelier, 2016 (forged, waxed mild steel)
Propogation Project; Bird Rusty Leaf, 2017 Forged Mild Steel wax coated
Propagation Project; Bird Rusty Leaf, 2017 (forged mild steel, wax coated)
A Silver Organism; Dense Larch, 2015 Forged Fine silver 999
A Silver Organism; Dense Larch, 2015 (forged fine silver 999)
Propogation Project; Roots, 2014 Forged Mild Steel, Wax Coated
Propagation Project; Roots, 2014 (forged mild steel, wax coated)

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