Omer Arbel

I’m stepping beyond jewellery, ceramics, paper and even kittens in this post to venture into the world of Omer Arbel, creative director for Vancouver/Berlin based Bocci. Environmental scientist, architect, industrial designer and sculptor, Arbel was born in Israel and moved to Canada with his family at the age of 13. Israel’s loss, our gain.

An immense curiosity and a willingness to experiment with the potential of his chosen material is what I find so interesting about this maker. It’s been said that Arbel and his creative team push boundaries by ‘designing a system that produces form rather than designing the form itself’ and that those systems lead to roughly 20% of their explorations resulting in commercially viable products (which may explain why Bocci lighting doesn’t come cheap and why each piece is a unique piece of art). Just imagine taking molten glass and shoving it into heat resistant ceramic fabric. This is how the stunning Bocci #73 came into being (see below).

If you want to take a more immersive look into Arbel’s projects including and beyond Bocci I highly recommend checking out his office site here.

Free Exploration for Project 71 (2015) – Chromium and Steel
Free Exploration for Project 71 (2015) – Chromium and Steel
Free Exploration for Project 71 (2015) – Chromium and Steel
Photo courtesy of the Dimore Gallery, Milan
Project 30 – Fused Glass (2015) image – Robert Keziere
73 semi rigid
Project 73 Semi Rigid (2015)
Project 87 (2016)
Sand Cast Aluminum for Project 44
Project 44 Berlin Installation

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