Sharon Brill – An Expression of Beauty

Many centuries ago when I was in high school art classes were something you did as a distraction from what you were really there to learn; math, english, gym, social studies and all that other stuff. So when I came home from school one day all excited and told my parents that my art teacher had encouraged me to attend art school after graduation they were not very happy about it. I don’t blame them though. They were busy keeping the 7 of us clothed, fed and housed then and I can understand they were worried about the prospect of my ability to make a living as an artist. I didn’t go to art school in the end. I became a registered nurse instead and hated every minute of it.

Sharon Brill on the other hand attended the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education. After working as a graphic designer for 10 years (1996-2006) she says she returned to her old love, ceramics. Most recently she attended Skidmore College in New York (2009-2011). And now she makes beautiful, flowing porcelain sculptures that you feel you could dive into.

She says her work is ‘an exploration, a quest that combines spontaneous, intuitive work with meticulous accurate esthetics as an expression of beauty. Sometimes I feel like an archeologist, gently removing layers, peeling and exposing the hidden worlds waiting patiently, desiring to reveal themselves’.

‘The artworks created are abstract organic sculptural shapes. Their scale varies and some can be held in your hand and observed from any angle. The lines and movement lead the eye around the shape into it and all through it.’

Check out her website here to see more.

Untitled 4. Wheel thrown and altered porcelain
CONCH 22, 2012. Wheel thrown and altered porcelain
CONCH 23, 2012.‏ Wheel thrown and altered porcelain 
Conch 26, 2012. Wheel thrown and altered porcelain

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