Fujikasa Satoko- Capturing the Wind

If art is meant to stir emotion then the work of Fujikasa Satoko has done it’s job. Powerful, gestural and billowing, her sculptures seem caught in the wind, defying the properties of the clay they’re made of.

Satoko obtained her BFA and MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts (2010), and is said to have burst onto the international stage, no small accomplishment for an artist who’s pieces take months to make.

She uses clay from the town of Shigaraki, southeast of Kyoto, the site of one of 6 centuries old cave kilns still in use in Japan today. Now, all I know about ceramics comes from high school which would fit on a pin head but there’s a whole universe of history and knowledge about clay, firing, glazing and pottery in general so all I’ll say about Shigaraki clay is that it’s said to be coarse yet pliable. Satoko builds her pieces over months by rolling the clay into thin strings which she then sculpts into the subtle flowing surfaces she’s known for. And those surfaces are thinnnnnn – anywhere from 2cm to 3mm. I can imagine she’s had to perfect the drying conditions of her pieces over many years of trial and error.

Her inspiration? Our beautiful natural world…

“It is through my intimate dialogue with my medium that I am able to express nature’s fluid energy. Drawing from both the beauty and power of this world and the emotional response that they evoke, I hope to convey nature’s life force in the mind of the viewer.”

You’ll see that I haven’t put captions under these images. That’s because this maker doesn’t have a website. She doesn’t need one 😉

1-fujikasa-exhibition-cfile-contemporary-ceramic-artafe350a3b5904c939aaab7d18e5f49e9fujikada satokoi


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