Jelizaveta Suska

Jelizaveta Suska was born in Latvia. She has a BA from the Art Academy of Latvia in Metal Design and is a graduate of the Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg.

From Klimt02 her artist statement gives you an idea of why she crafts her unusual pieces…

You have probably heard of the fairytale Thumbelina written by Hans Christian Andersen. When I was a child I imagined myself being as tiny as her; the gigantic world seemed to me to be more beautiful and full of tempting adventures. I still think that, sometimes.

It’s striking where our imagination can take us. When I work on my jewelry I aim to be a demiurge, to create my own new world. At times, I craft my works so that if I were to become tiny and drop onto my jewelry, I would see a marvelous landscape. Such associations, are for me a vessel that transfer ideas to the material’
Very unusual interesting pieces.
From ‘Transition’ series, 2016 Row baltic amber, copper
Frozen in Amber crushed amber, polymer
From “Frozen in Amber’ series, crushed amber, polymer
frozen-dream- silver oxide, titanium, crystal
From ‘Frozen Dreams’ series, silver oxide, titanium
I walk in tokyo
Frozen Moment Polymer, crushed marble
From ‘Frozen Moment’ series, crushed marble, polymer