Ria Lins

I love what I love and I love the jewellery of Ria Lins

Belgian born (1952) Lins opened her studio in Mechelen in 2009 after completing studies at the School of Art & Design in Sint-Lucas, Antwerp (1969-1972) and the Institute for Arts and Crafts (IKA) in Mechelen, Belgium (1995-2009)

The wonder of interpersonal relationships and the adaptability to the diversity of our society has always been the guiding through my work.

Unexpected colours appear, changing over time as metals oxidise, be it through impureness, mixing, contamination or pollution. As these changes emerge so does each items individuality … ‘ (via Klimt02.)…

Perhaps a metaphor for what drives her work, Lins’s pieces feature fine metal links or thread woven together, which, like human relationships require maintenance and sometimes repair. There’s something resilient about that approach, something enduring. And let’s not forget just plain beautiful.

You can find out more about this maker on her website and on Instagram.

Necklace- C4H6O5, 2019 Silver, oxidized and coppered by electroforming. 50 x 3 x 1 cm Photo by- Dries Van den Brande
Brooch- Holy water II, 2015 Silver, enamel
Goat bells – silver, silk thread, 120 x 10 x 2 cm
Knotted Silver
Ring – wool, textile, embroidery thread, color
Ring – wool, textile, embroidery thread, color
Silver Necklace (Until Now)

Mysterious Taiji Tsuna

There’s something fearless about a goldsmith who doesn’t feature gemstones in their pieces, who focuses instead on the quiet raw nature of the metal itself, with minimalist forms and rough textures dressed simply in fusions of silver and gold. Those blackened encrusted surfaces speak of being lost in time, of being unearthed, of being precious. This is the work of Taiji Tsuna (aka Yasushi Jona & Taiji Tomona)

Jona is Tsuna’s jewellery label and there’s not much more information about this maker except that he or she was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1964. Educated at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music with a BA in Craft (Metal Hammering -1989) and later a masters degree (Metal Hammering – 1991), Tsuna held a number of positions as a professional jeweller between 1991 and 2005 when he or she became a freelance designer.

A mysterious maker who doesn’t seem to name their creations, you can check out more about Jona Jewellery on instagram here.