Geraldine Nishi

Untitled ring concrete, silver
Untitled, ring: concrete, silver

I don’t know about you but when I look at some of Geraldine Nishi’s work I see luscious cake frosting and ice cream piled high onto rings and necklaces. Yum.

Nishi obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours in Sculpture and Painting) from UVic before studying at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence (2005 – 2009)

You can check out more of her work on her website here.

Untitled, necklace, concrete, silver, paint
Untitled, necklace : concrete, silver, paint
Untitled, ring, concrete silver
Untitled, ring : silver, concrete
untitled, object- shibuichi
Untitled, object : shibuichi
untitled, pins - wood, paint, silver
Untitled, pins : wood, paint, silver

Izabella Petrut


Izabella Petrut is the Romanian-born maker behind these pieces. She has both a Bachelors (2007) and a Masters (2009) in Design from the University of Arts and Design at Cluj-Napoca in Romania. And… she’s a graduate of GJ3 Specialization program at Alchimia, School of contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy (2012). And… she’s currently studying for her doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Raw stones, paper and even little plastic toys feature in her beautifully non-traditional work. You can check out her website here or follow her on Instagram here.


Brooch, 'we become one' paper, resin, alpaca, silver. colour redBlue print , red
Brooch, ‘We Become One‘ series : paper, resin, alpaca, silver, colour red
izabella-petrut-07 Silver, amethyst beads, uncut amethyst, resin, pigment
Necklace, silver, amethyst beads, uncut amethyst, resin, pigment
'The Fire Inside' 2015 paper, Silver, oxidized
Ring ‘The Fire Inside‘ 2015, paper, silver oxidized
Excess of time 2015 silver oxidized, quartz, pigemtn, resin
Earrings ‘Excess of Time‘ 2015, silver oxidized, quartz, resin, pigment
Necklace, Dark Night, 2015 plastic animal toys, iron, pigment, silk thread
Necklace ‘Dark Night‘ 2015, plastic animal toys, iron, pigment, silk thread
What the heart is made of oxidized silver, epoxy resin, pigment from here and now series
Ring ‘What The Heart Is Made Of‘, Here and Now series,  oxidized silver, epoxy resin, pigment

Clare Pentlow

I don’t know how google formulates search results but I feel as though I stumbled onto this maker today using the words ‘Zoe’ and ‘Clare’. Zoe Clare was the maker I was searching for. She’s a ceramic sculptor and I’ll be profiling her in a future post. But google also found Clare Pentlow on the same page and I think her work is worth sharing. There’s not a ton of information on this Clare’s ‘about’ page but she describes herself as a paper artist making ‘intricate and complex pieces from simple sheets of paper, cutting, folding and layering each sheet to create stunning geometric designs and patterns’. I can’t imagine how long it takes to make these pieces. And from such an everyday material. If you’re on Instagram you can follow Clare here.


Laser cut piece



Frequency I

Hanna Liljenberg – Meditation in Folds

My jewellery becomes a manmade growth to dress the body
The jewellery makerHanna Liljenberg often begins her pieces the same way she used to begin her paintings…using a blank sheet of paper. It’s the lightness and foldability of the paper that allows her to build her colourful,  floral-like pieces. She says ‘I find there is something meditative in cutting and folding hundreds and hundreds of paper pieces, which I then use as building blocks in the construction of my jewellery‘. The paper pieces are more brightly coloured at the front with black at the back because, in her words, these contrasts ‘represent transience‘. Especially in the case of paper jewellery (she creates metal pieces as well), when they’re worn to decorate ‘you will tear down the painting in the case of your vanity‘. So much for preciousness.