Natalie Xinzi Song

Bracelet: Unknown Creature, 2015 Silicone , pigment
Bracelet: Unknown Creature, 2015. Silicone, pigment

Natalie Xinzi Song studied at the Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology before obtaining her Masters degree in Jewellery from the Birmingham School of Jewellery. What I love about her work (which includes jewellery, bowls and vases) is that (A) it’s different, (B) it’s colourful and (C) it reminds me of life at a cellular level, like photographs from an electron microscope showing organic fractals. The repetitive forms are mesmerizing.

From her artist statement on Klimt02…

‘My silicone work focuses on forms and textures. I aim to create functional objects with innovative appearance by balancing form and function. The forms of my work were created by repeating, arranging and organizing simple elements into complex patterns and structures.
As a group of objects, my work contrasts with, and compliments each other in terms of form, texture, colour and scale. I attempted to create connection between the objects and the surrounding space. The objects create intriguing negative space as well as being complete pieces individually’

Bracelet:Unknown Creature, 2015 Silicone, pigment
Bracelet: Unknown Creature, 2015. silicone, pigment
work in progress
第 1 张,共 9 张
Unknown Creature 2015 silcone pigment
Bracelet: Unknown Creature, 2015. silicone rubber
Untitled, 2011 Silicone rubber 1
Untitled, 2011. silicone rubber
Untitled, 2011 Silicone rubber
Untitled, 2011. silicone rubber