Ambroise Degenève

2015, silver, synthetic spinel, niello

Ambroise Degenève…his amazing work says it all. Mon dieu and je l’adore! If you like to keep up with his latest pieces you can follow him on Instagram here.

2015, ring, synthetic spinel, niello
Ring, 2015 : silver, synthetic spinel, niello
silver, synthetic spinel
Ring, 2014 : silver, synthetic spinel
necklace, 2012, recycled paper, silver
Necklace, 2012 : recycled paper, silver
earrings, 2013, iron, gold, crushed silver, avertine
Earrings, 2013 : iron, gold, crushed silver, aventurine
necklace, 2014 - patinated silver, enamel
Necklace, 2014 : patinated silver, enamel
silver synthetic spinel, niello
Ring : silver, synthetic spinel, niello

Kayo Saito

Exploring the world of makers on this blog often leaves me feeling unskilled in my own work. That can be a good thing though because it leads me to ask…how do these makers dooooo that? And Kayo Saito is someone I’d love to ask because she knows a lot about metalsmithing. She studied Craft Design and Metal Work at the College of Musashino Art University in Tokyo and later obtained First Class Honours, Bachelor of Art, Silversmithing, Jewellery and Allied Crafts at London Guildhall at the University in London. And if that wasn’t enough she also obtained her Master of Art, Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalsmithing and Jewellery at the Royal College of Art in London. Phew!

So, ask yourself…all those repeated, layered organic forms in silver and gold; how does she connect all those parts so elegantly? And then…just enjoy their beauty 🙂

mizukusa_neck_gold 18k
Mizukusa Necklace, 18k gold
Petal Brooch, silver
frag_moon_neck_gold_no1 18k
Fragment Moon Necklace No. 1, 18k gold
magnolia necklace no2 silver
Magnolia Necklace No. 2, silver
momo_necklace 18k gold
Momo Necklace, 18k gold